Had Down, Site and Facebook Applications Can not Access

Facebook had time to down on Tuesday (9/5/2017) morning. Mark Zuckerberg's social media is not accessible to users via a number of desktop and mobile browsers.

As for a number of browsers that could not access Facebook,including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Surprisingly, when we tried to log in Facebook via multiple browsers - one of them is UC Web and Facebook Lite-it's still accessible.

Both on web and mobile browsers, Facebook writes statements that its services are inaccessible.

"Sorry, something wrong is going on, our side is trying, and we will fix it as soon as possible," wrote Facebook.

In addition, Facebook applications for iOS and Android itself also can not be accessed thoroughly. One user complained of not being able to access Facebook applications this morning.


"I can not see the notification, he (notification) appears but clicked right can not get out," said the woman who actively use Facebook.

In the application version, Facebook actually does not display a row of notifications are present.

"There was an error loading the data," as soon as the text is displayed when the user wants to peer the notification field in the app.

In addition, users will also not be able to see their own profile or friend's profile inside the app. Instead of showing the full profile, instead it says "Error loading stories".

Can not be ascertained if the incident Facebook that could not be accessed only occurred in Indonesia or several other countries. Neither side of Facebook itself also provides confirmation related to it.

However, at 08.50 pm, access to Facebook is back to recover as usual.

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