Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be Present on Console and PC

Harvest Moon Light of Hope
Good news for the Harvest Moon fans! Welcoming his 20th birthday, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be coming soon on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

As revealed directly from Natsume's website, this game will be the first Harvest Moon series to be present on PC.

In Light of Hope, gamers are told are trying to save themselves from the sinking ship, and finally arrive in a small town.

Even so, do not expect this small town will immediately become a fun place to live.

Because the city has been ravaged by the storm, and gamers will be the ones who rebuild this city to life again.


Not much different from other Harvest Moon games, gamers need to grow crops, take care of the fields, and collect the necessary materials, while acquainted with new friends, build happy families, to re-live the city.

Natsume's party as a game publisher Harvest Moon: Light of Hope said that this series will have differences compared to the previous series in terms of storyline, character background, and the ultimate goal of this game.

More information and details about Harvest Moon Light of Hope will be released at E3 2017 event.

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