Here's How Apple Keeps iPhone Confidential Before Released

Apple Company
Technology companies are known to keep secrets related to the smartphone products it wants to launch, at least to near the launch time. When there is a leak, companies like Apple were reluctant to provide confirmation of the truth of the information.

So how does Apple keep the confidentiality of its new iPhone product so as not to leak? Apparently the company has its own way.

Citing Ubergizmo page, this is told by a student who had disguised as a worker at the iPhone manufacturing factory, Pegatron in China some time ago. New York University student named Dejian Zheng reveals about the strictness of Apple's efforts in keeping iPhone products secret.

According to Zheng, for six months disguised as a worker, he worked on assembling the iPhone 6s. At the same time, apparently the company also provides a production line facility to assemble the iPhone 7 which was still unreleased.

The assembly facilities of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, Zheng said, were then separated by a very large curtain. Most likely, the goal for unaccountable workers for the iPhone 7 does not look like what components and the latest iPhone model.

"We (the workers) also have a locker room, in that space workers change clothes, store phones, keys, and all metal objects, factories even have face recognition technology To get into the factory, we have to pass the metal detector , "Zheng said.

He also said, with the tight sensitivity and detection of metals that are so sensitive, it is very difficult to smuggle the camera into the factory.

Not just laborers, managers were not allowed to bring their phones into the iPhone phone assembly area. This is done so that no one is trying to smuggle prototype or iPhone components out of the factory.

Strict security is what makes employees very afraid to divulge various information about the presence of new products. Even so, the latest iPhone leaks are still popping up.

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