HoloLens So A Doctor's Tool for Operation

Utilization of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology in the field of health continues to be developed. One of them is a medical company called Scopis that utilizes Microsoft HoloLens for operational purposes.

Citing information from Tech Radar, Scopis created a platform that can help spine surgery with HoloLens. Theoretically, the platform is claimed to improve the accuracy and speed of the operation process.

This is possible because doctors, through HoloLens, can know the exact position and angle of the tool used through the display in the headset. So doctors can synchronize their movements directly with patients without having to look at a monitoring monitor, like most current operating processes.

In addition to reducing the operating process and other risks, this way the patient's potential exposure to radiation produced by the fluroscopic machine is decreasing. This machine is usually used to detect the location of the screw placement that is planted during operation.

Although it has been announced, it is uncertain when this platform will actually be used to support real operations. But some call this idea is very promising, considering HoloLens is a more compact device than other headsets.

For information, the use of AR headset by Scopis in the field of health is not really a breakthrough that is really new. Earlier British physician Shafi Ahmed made his first surgery using similar technology in April 2016. He said the use of VR headsets helped him to run the surgical process with more focus and order.

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