How to Change or Delete a Gmail Account On Android


Although there are many who can use android smartphone, but not many know How to Change or Delete Gmail Account on Android. Removing gmail account from adnroid has many causes, but most often because gmail account created is too much.

Because it is very easy to create a gmail account, but sometimes delete the account from our smartphone is not as easy as making it. We need step-by-step to be able to remove from our smartphone.

In the example this time I use android smartphone is quite old school that has been using custom cynogen rom is samsung s4 mini Nouget 7.1, but overall all android smartphone the way is almost the same.

And here we will give you tips on How to Change or Delete a Gmail Account On Android:

  • 1. Go to Menu Settings.
  • 2. Select Accounts.
  • 3. And there will be many Accounts starting from BBM, Telegram and so forth. But here you need to select the "Google".
  • 4. In the next view, there will be some gmail account you have ever registered, select what you will delete.
  • 5. And at the top right corner there is menu select "Remove account" if out notification just select "Remove Account"

Up here the stages of deleting gmail account has been successful, but in this example will not delete your account, but delete the account connected to your Android. But the gmail account is still you can access from laptop or other smartphone. Good luck.