How to Play Super Mario Bros on Android Smartphone

Super Mario Bros
Image: Nintendo

Who does not know the phenomenal game Super Mario Bros in this era, the 90's still many who play it.

Actually I have long known How to Play Super Mario Bros. on Android this but new today I had time to write, who knows there is not yet know. Because indeed the Nintendo has not released a version for Android device, but I'm sure many will play it. But we'll see the future, hopefully it happens what I think this.

Back to the title of this article, for you who want to play Super Mario Bros. This in smartphone you, you can follow the steps in this article, to keep in mind this game using emulator to play it.

The first stage you download and prepare all the materials, then install as usual, my suggestion you can download it directly in Play Store.

Once installed properly, you can run the emulator and find the rom file that you downloaded earlier. To simplify your understanding, you can see the following picture:

Very easy is not it? In addition to Super Mario games you can actually play other nintendo games. However, from my experience there are some that can not be played well its name is also free. Good luck. 

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