HTC Guaranteed U11 Using Fast Storage Chip

HTC Guaranteed U11 Using Fast Storage Chip
HTC promises that every new flagship U11 mobile phone will be equipped with UFS 2.1 storage chip, which is much faster than the storage chip in general.

HTC promise is like satirizing other mobile manufacturers who also had promised a new phone using the storage chip. For example Huawei, who claims to be difficult to find the supply of UFS 2.1 chip for P10, which makes the flagship phone using different storage chips.

There is also Samsung who once claimed that all of its Galaxy S8 series will use the chip, but then secretly remove the fact from the site, as quoted from Ubergizmo.

While HTC wants its customers to know that they do not have to wonder if U11 bought it using UFS 2.1 chip. According to HTC, all U11 will use 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage of type UFS 2.1, and the use of the storage chip will be felt directly by consumers.

The speed of this storage chip is also complained by a number of consumers Huawei P10, which only has a speed of 250 MB / s, while the P10 with UFS 2.1 speed reached 750 MB / s.

According to Huawei Business Group CEO Richard Yu this is due to differences in memory chips eMMC and UFS in P10 which is currently shipped. The use of different flash memory chips that occur due to its own supply of very limited chips.

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