Hyperloop Fast Trains Will Operate By 2020?

Passengers can feel the sensation of riding the super fast train Hyperloop in early 2020. Reportedly, the United Arab Emirates will be the first country to operate Hyperloop. Thus disclosed Hyperloop boss maker.

As quoted from CNBC, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) CEO Dirk Ahlborn said the company started producing their first Hyperloop capsule three weeks ago.

According to Ahlborn, Hyperloop capsule production takes at least one year. After that, Hyperloop will be taken to a corporate R & D center in Toulouse for integration and optimization, then its first commercial track. The plan, Hyperloop line construction begins later this year.

"We will announce one of Hyperloop's commercial routes, possibly three or six months away," Ahlborn said.

A Hyperloop capsule will operate inside a giant tube channel with a speed of 750mph. Hyperloop tube with the tube channel is connected to the magnet. Ahlborn views the operation of Hyperloop as a solution for long-haul travel and means of tackling congestion.

HTT is known to have plans to develop the Hyperloop line in Quay Valley California. The company is currently conducting environmental studies. Despite having plans to develop the Hyperloop line at Quay Valley, Ahlborn says the first line built is not in the United States.

"This is a new commercial project that will make sense when it is done until the Hyperloop line construction begins, it is not possible for us to start operating in a city," Ahlborn said.

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