In Ethiopia, There's an 'ATM Machine' for Selling Pirated Movies

In Ethiopia, East Africa, an ATM-like machine does not serve to withdraw cash like an ordinary ATM machine. This machine is a movie vending machine and pirated TV series. Interestingly, the film is transferred directly to buyers who have bought the movie he chose and directly in the transfer with USB devices.

Ethiopians can now buy and download multiple movies at once into the USB at a cheap price and relatively affordable to the community there.

This machine called SwitftMedia has been installed throughout the All Mart, a kind of mini market in Ethiopia since early 2017. There is one person who is assigned to care for and while maintaining the machine.

This machine features a variety of movie packages that can be purchased from 25 beer-100 beers or about $ 1- $ 5.

How to use this machine can also be said to be easy. Buyers simply insert the USB drive into the available slot, and just choose the movies available in the machine.

SwiftMedia is a device made by Escape Computing. There is no clear information as to whether the company already has licensed film licenses for sale. However, the possibility of movies and serials in the msien is downloaded illegally via Torrents.

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