iPhone 7 Plus On Fire When Charged

iPhone 7
A woman confessed the newly purchased iPhone 7 Plus suddenly burned while being charged. This incident took place in China late one night, when the iPhone 7 Plus is powered it is placed on a pillow near the head of the phone owner.

Owner iPhone 7 Plus with last name Chen said, he just used the iPhone since it bought in March 2017. He also claims, the phone is a new iPhone, not the former.

Citing information from The Sun's website, Chen recounts, he is sleeping at his home in Najing, Jiangsu Province, Eastern China. Later, he woke up at 2:00 am in the morning to hear the sound of cracks coming from his cell phone.

Not only that, the phone is also starting to emit smoke burn mark. Terrified and frightened, Chen threw his cell phone to the floor. The condition of his iPhone 7 Plus gets worse with a hissing sound that lasts about 3 minutes.

Chen said, iPhone 7 Plus it burned and melted on the casing, so it can not work again. Once awaited, the phone instead of being cool even more hot up to four hours after the incident.

The woman then took her burned iPhone 7 Plus to the store where she bought. The staff there said they would check the device.

Not only that, Chen is also promised to get a replacement as soon as possible, after the investigation of the iPhone 7 Plus that exploded was completed. However, Chen claimed to have no interest in using Apple products again.

"Even if they decide to give me a new iPhone, I will not accept it, at least until they guarantee this incident does not happen again," said Chen.

Known, Apple devices are potentially malfunctioning or even burning if the user is charging with charger accessories from third parties. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Chen charges his iPhone 7 with an official charger from Apple or from a third party.