It's The Secret That Takes The Poor Boy So Google CEO

It's The Secret That Takes The Poor Boy So Google CEO
What is the secret of a Sundar Pichai's success to become CEO aka the number one person in the company as big as Google? In addition to brilliant brain and luck, Sundar seems to have been a maniac learning since his childhood.

As a teenager, the uncle called S Raman said that Sundar can remember all the phone numbers he contacted. While in school, Sundar is very interested in science but weak in lessons such as history.

"He's a brilliant student but he does not like geography and history so he's never ranked first, always around 4th," Raman said.

Sundar is also known as a bookworm and seldom plays outside because it spends much of his time studying and learning. So his friend was not too much.

"He never goes out, always learns, and sometimes he goes to school in a pedicab and even then reads a book and does not even care about the girl beside him," Sundar's neighbor Kumar Sankaralingam said.

Sundar is admitted to the prestigious campus in India, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. His achievements were so good that he received a master's scholarship from the famous university in the United States, Stanford.

His adventures in the United States went pretty smoothly until finally accepted on Google in 2004. His career was unstoppable, until finally appointed Sundar became CEO of Google in 2015. Wealth and fame has been achieved.

"We always knew he would be a great man and very proud of his accomplishments, he deserved it because he was smart and always worked very hard," said Sundar's uncle, Vasudeven Pichai. 

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