Jeff Bezos Invites People to Live on the Moon

Jeff Bezos Invites People to Live on the Moon
When the United States Space Agency (NASA) to SpaceX is preparing for a settlement on Mars, Amazon's boss wants to build a life on the moon.

The last time humans stepped on the surface of the Moon was in 1972 ago. History is to be repeated again by Jeff Bezos who is the founder and CEO of Amazon.

Especially with the depletion of natural resources available on earth, some researchers do reveal that the resources on the moon can be utilized to continue human life.

Bezos who is worth USD 81 billion is also increasingly eager to make it happen through a space company that he founded, Blue Origin. This bald-headed man hopes to create a human colony on the Moon.

"I think it's time we built a permanent settlement for humans at one of the poles on the moon," Bezos said in Seattle's Museum of Flight event quoted from the Express.

"It's time we go back to the moon but this time we have to occupy it," he said.

Bezos said that before forming a colonization on Earth's natural satellite, of course the supporting equipment must be prepared in advance by sending it gradually.

"To finish the permanent settlement on the moon is difficult but it is worth doing," added Bezos.

Currently Blue Origin is reportedly planning with NASA to run the mission back to the moon. However, it is not known when it can be realized. It seems like it will take a long time.

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