Lenovo Will Still Use Two Brands for Smartphone Line

Lenovo Will Still Use Two Brands for Smartphone Line
Lenovo has two brands for the smartphone line. This is following the acquisition of Moto (Motorola) since 2014 ago.

Some time ago rumors that Lenovo will use a single brand for the smartphone line. But this is denied by the Chinese company's top brass.

"We will not remove (brand) Lenovo," said chairman and chief executive of Lenovo Group, Yang Yuanqing, as quoted by Reuters.

Internal restructuring, Yang said, will not affect mobile business. In fact, the use of Lenovo and Motorola brand strategy is maintained, although the company swallowed losses.

For information, in Indonesia Lenovo has brought several series of smarphone ranging from entry-level segment to flagship. Namely Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Moto M, and Moto E3 Power.

Last March, the company said it would bring more series of smartphones under the Motorola brand. This is expressed by the Lead Country of MBG Lenovo Indonesia Adrie R Suhadi.

"I can not say after Moto M has a smartphone what, but we will indeed bring a new smartphone from Moto, at least two smartphones every quarter until the end of 2017," said Adrie.

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