Meitu M8 - Selfie Feminine Smartphone with Selfie Sailor Moon Sticks

Meitu M8
Meitu, smartphone brand from China has recently released a smartphone silly intended for women. What is clear, a smartphone called Meitu M8 is going to be very, very not fun if used by men.

M8 is a true smartphone that puts selfie front camera with 12 MP Sony bersensor. While the main camera also uses a sensor Sony 21 MP resolution. To be easy to take photo, the size is compact, ie 5.2 inches.

Actually the hardware side Meitu M8 is more suitable and useful for men than women. Call it MediaTek Helio X20 CPU and RAM up to 4 GB. But what makes this smartphone is not fun for men is the shape, color, and accessories supporters.

It seemed to want a stylish M8 user and felt like a Sailor Moon. Meitu M8 has a tapered shape on the top and bottom side. While the whole body wrapped in feminine colors, namely pink aka Sailor Moon. There's even a special edition of Hello Kitty.

Not to mention the given accessories, namely selfie stick or known as stick selfie, has a shape that looks like a magic wand Sailor Moon. If you have this, it seems there is no genuine man who wants to use it. About the price, Meitu M8 price US $ 435 and only available ten thousand units only. 

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