Nintendo Announces 2DS XL, Elegant Handheld at Relatively Affordable Price!

Nintendo 2DS XL
Image: Gizmag

Surprisingly, Nintendo announced 2DS XL! What is the ability of this 2DS development handheld?

Like its predecessor, 2DS XL is practically another variant of 3DS. It's just that this one handheld not equipped with 3D features that make the 3DS unique.

Fortunately, the sacrifice was offset by a much more economical price. Announced that 2DS XL will be priced at US $ 149. Compare that with the standard 3DS, which according to Nintendo's official website still has a price of US $ 199.

Nintendo 2DS XL will have two attractive colors upon release. The first is black and blue, as you can see above. The second is white-orange. Stay depends on your taste like the darker or brighter.

Minus the 3D function does not mean 2DS XL is a cheap handheld of course. Handheld this one is still equipped with new features of 3DS XL. Examples are additional C-pad for better control, support for amiibo use, better processor power, and large screen size.

Do not forget also the beautiful folding form of this handheld. The shape now feels more luxurious and elegant than the simplest form of the first 2DS.
This one handheld will be released July 13, 2017 in Japan and July 28, 2017 in America. Only a few days.

For the American release, there are two new games that are ready to entertain you who got this machine on that date.

But that's not all. Obviously 3DS already has a very large library of games, some of which have no problem to play without a 3D function. So it is certain you will get hours of fun fun.

For a Nintendo fan or you who are thinking of getting a handheld and not yet strongly buying a Switch, how would you respond to this new product disclosure. Please write in the comments.