Official LINE Seal Mobile Released for Region Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand!

Image: Google Play

Finally, LINE Seal Mobile is officially released for Indonesia! To celebrate, there is a login event that can help the user. Like what?

For the uninitiated, LINE Seal Mobile was officially released on 28 April. This one game can be used in iOS or Android via LINE platform.

This game is clearly highly anticipated. Pre-registration alone has reached 200,000 participants. The numbers are exceptionally high. For this achievement, there is a special reward that awaits users who login to the game.

Pre-registration Reward LINE

  • 300 Ruby, Basic pet ticket, Hero Ticket 3-5 star
  • Special Pre-Registration Reward
  • 50 Gear Evolution Stone, 3 Hero Enchant Stone Ticket, 30 Premium Feeds, 1500 Ruby 
 In addition, to celebrate the release there is also a login event that will provide various useful items to players in a three day period. What are the special rewards? Check below. You can get it by doing the first login in the game.
Reward Day 1

Reward Day 2
Reward Day 3
Premium Cegel Box Clover x100 Clear ticket x10
Carrot x100 Class Buff Stone x100 Carrot x100
Bait x10 Carrot x100 Clover x100
5 Star hero piece x10 Element Enchant stone x100 Premium Cegel Box
Even if you login first on the fourth day of the launch, you can get all the compensation rewards without any problems. Event login itself has a long duration, ie until 31 May.

The first login event itself is just the beginning of a variety of interesting activities to be conducted by LINE Seal Mobile in the future. Some of the planned events include inviting friends from Bluetooth, Connection Time Event, account level attainment events, invite friends from LINE, and more.

With so many rewards that have been prepared, clearly LINE Seal Mobile is a very interesting game to try. Good for veteran Seal Online first and new players.

For more information, you can try to visit LINE Seal Mobile's Facebook fan page.