Opera Max Releases Newest Version, It's A Few Improved Features

Opera Max

Opera Max mobile browser officially released the latest version, namely Opera Max 3.0. What are some of the new features that Opera presents in this version?

Opera Max 3.0 features a new design that is optimized for easy storage and management of data.

This latest version also adds data saving support when accessing Facebook. The feature called "Saving for Facebook" is a shortcut in Opera Max that can be accessed to save data.

The statistics reveal, of the 78 million active users of Opera Max show average data saving on popular social media applications up to 60 percent for Instagram, 50 percent for Pinterest, and 40 percent for LINE and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Opera Max can save data up to 50 percent when accessing social media. Users can also know how to reduce internet data is wasted.

About security, Opera can warn users if there is an outside security threat while providing data encryption. For example, when you're in a public WiFi area, Opera Max will make sure your personal information is protected.

"With the presence of the latest version, Opera Max will be a smart companion for your Android device by providing greater control over data usage and application privacy," said Sergey Lossev, Head of Opera Max at Opera.