Passenger Disability Uber Sues, Why?

Uber has released services for passengers with disabilities so that they can use their services like any other user. Unfortunately, this program is not available in all Uber markets.

Citing the Tech Crunch page, because of Uber's service for disability that is not evenly distributed all over the place, the company is sued by two passengers who use a wheelchair.

They are suing Uber for assuming Uber has violated the laws of the country regarding people with disabilities. There are three rules allegedly violated by Uber, the Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the California Disabled Persons Act, and an unfair competition law in California.

According to the lawsuit filed, the two plaintiffs could not use Uber's services because the company did not provide cars that were wheelchair accessible in the Jackson, Mississippi, United States area.

"Because of that, two disabilities in Jackson could not use Uber for failing to call a vehicle that allows for wheelchair users as well as a trained driver dealing with passengers with disabilities," the lawsuit said.

Mentioned, although there are trained drivers and vehicles that can be used wheelchair users, the two passengers could not order it through the Uber application in Jackson.

It was not mentioned when the Uber suit was filed, but in October last year, a group fighting for the rights of the disabled in Chicago demanded Uber to provide more vehicles that could serve wheelchair users.

Just known, Uber first released services for passengers disabilities in 2014 namely UberAccess. Via UberAccess, passengers can request UberASSIST and UberWAV help that allow wheelchair users to get pickup service from Uber.

Despite its noble purpose, UberAccess is not available in all Uber operational areas. The availability of UberAccess seems to depend on Uber's ability to partner with service providers for disability in a city or region.

"We drive several models (services for disabilities) in different cities around the world to determine the choice of vehicles and drivers needed by wheelchair users," Uber explains through the company's website.

Thus, the Uber service is accessible to users who are in wheelchairs. Some of the cities that provide these services include New York, Houston, Chicago, London, and Portland.

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