Peeping 3 Snapdragon 835 Excellence

Snapdragon 835
Qualcomm has just launched their latest chipset, the Snapdragon 835. In a product demo in Singapore, Qualcomm Technologies' Product Marketing Director Fransisco Cheng exposed some of the benefits of the processor for the premium-grade smartphone.

The first advantage is the quick charge, where by only charging the battery for five minutes, Snapdragon 835 smartphone processor can last for five hours.

"This is an innovation that does not yet exist in other products.How fast your smartphone is in charge of course very important," said Cheng at the event Snapdragon Tech Day, Singapore.

The second advantage is the presence of video stabilizer facilities via EIS3.0 feature. It answers the needs of smartphone users who like to capture the moment through video.

The presence of this stabilizer video allows the smartphone to record images remain stable (not shake and vibrate) while taking video in any condition.

"The camera facility also includes Ultra HD Premium, the color being one of the focus of Snapdragon 835 with HDR 10 so that it can present 60 times more color.In addition to the video results remain the same, the color accuracy is the same," explained Cheng.

The third is a security feature in the form of fingerprint, retinal eye sensor (biometric), and voice recognition (secure voice). Point to protect user email.
Users just say 'open my email' then email will open immediately. These security features can also be as a safeguard when saving photos or other documents.

One more, Snapdragon 835 will also give a warning to remove applications that are detected malicious.