Porsche Opens Digital Technology Center in Silicon Valley

Porsche sports car maker Porsche opened a digital technology center in Silicon Valley, which has 100 staff. The goal, as quoted by Reuters, to establish new partnerships, working with venture capital firms, and invest in new companies.

The Volkswagen subsidiary launched its digital division based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart a year ago to develop digital services for the premium segment.

The center is led by Thilo Koslowski, a former digital mobility analyst at Gartner's technology consulting firm. "Cars are the main mobile device of the future, and the future is being written in Silicon Valley," Koslowski said in a statement a few days ago. 

"It's important to be right in the region of leading technology companies in the US, because it allows us to identify trends early and invest in new technologies at the right time," Koslowski further said.

To note, Porsche Digital has allocated investment funds to venture capital firm E.ventures and plans to expand it through offices in Santa Clara, California.