Previously Not Got TV, Poor Boy That Now Have Trillions of Money

Previously Not Got TV, Poor Boy That Now Have Trillions of Money
The story of Sundar Pichai teaches that anything is possible as long as a person works hard. Born to an ordinary family in India who can not even afford to buy television when he is a kid, Sundar now trillions of trillions as CEO of Google.

Data from 2015 mentions Sundar's assets in the range of $ 4 million which would have been increased at this time. Moreover, he includes the CEO with the highest pay in the world.

Just imagine, he was compensated nearly US $ 200 million in 2016. That number doubled from the amount he received in 2015.

Sundar's life seemed perfect. He is married to his girlfriend, Anjali and has been blessed with two children. And live in an elite neighborhood in Los Altos Hills, California.

Known greatly respecting his parents since childhood, Sundar also bought them luxury homes in India. Nevertheless, the father of Regunatha Pichai and his wife chose to keep their life simple and sometimes still remain in their old apartment.

Father and mother had lived with Sundar in America but only for 6 months. Before returning to India.

"My father and mother did make a lot of sacrifices to make sure their children have a good education," Sundar recalled.

Judging from his appearance, Sundar always seemed relaxed and invisible if his wealth is abundant. But it's like that is generally a famous figure in the world of technology, do not want to be bothered with the appearance.

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