Project Tango and Daydream Google Shown More Attractive

Google Daydream
Project Tango, Google's Augmented Reality (AR) technology, seems to be getting a pretty big place in the realm of technology. This is evident from what Google showcased through one of his sandbox rides in I / O 2017.

Now, Google is focused on bringing the two technologies in a more fun but educational way. Project Tango, which is now present in some newer smartphones such as Asus Zenfone AR and Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, will be a special tool that will be used by school students to study subjects like Natural Sciences.

Ben Schrom, Product Manager for Expeditions-VR and AR technology project Google for schools-admitted the implementation of AR in education is actually different from VR.

"VR is indeed a very perfect way for students, but unfortunately VR even gives the impression for its users to be able to 'interact' with objects that are in the screen," said Schor.


Today, the use of Project Tango by school teachers is claimed to be very helpful, "They will now have many opportunities to be able to deliver subjects with the best medium so that students can see what visuals they are learning. Like looking at the shape of the planet, the shape of body organs, plants, and much more, "he continued.

Not only AR only has an update. Daydream, Google VR device also has a big software rombakan. The update called "Daydream Euphrates" will be present to all smartphones that support Daydream.

As for them, like 2D panels that will appear inside the virtual screen, so users have better access to set the screen in VR display. In addition, Google also launched an update providing photo and video sharing options, as well as screenshot capture feature.

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