Punishment for YouTuber Main Pokemon Go in Places of Worship

September 2016 ago, Russian YouTuber named Ruslan Solovsky was busy to be a byword. He is considered to have dropped self-esteem or to extract the sensitivity of a particular group.

The reason, YouTuber with the number of subscribers more than 300,000 are uploading the video is catching Pokemon monster in the place of worship. When a video is uploaded in August 2016, the Pokemon Go mobile game is on the rise.

The police then arrested Sokolovsky, but have not yet sentenced him. After passing through the judicial process, Sokolovsky must undergo a probation or termed suspended sentence for 3.5 years.

The verdict was set by a judge in the Yekaterinburg court on Thursday (5/11/2017) local time, The Guardian reported.

Suspended sentence alone means Solovsky will be closely watched by the police and must report routine up to 3.5 years. If he obeys and does not violate the provisions, he is released from the bondage of the prison.

Earlier, in October 2016, Sokolovsky was said to be facing a five-year prison sentence. His fans then protested and flooded the social media channels with support for Sokolovsky.

As a result, the claim to Sokolovsky was delayed. Now, after more than half a year, the court has finally given the verdict.

"Sokolovsky shows respect for society. He intends to extract religious sentiments, "said judge Yekaterina Shoponyak.

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