Revealed Why Stock Xiaomi Mi 6 Just a Little

Xiaomi Mi 6
Since its inception the Xiaomi Mi 6 got a pretty good response. This is reflected in the sales of Mi 6 in China that sold well, through flash sale method.

Xiaomi also resell online in China and ensure the stock of Mi 6 in more quantities. Although the stock of the smartphone is still more than Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX, it did not guarantee Xiaomi able to meet user demand.

To quote Gizmochina, according to one company insider, the stock shortage of Mi 6 was not deliberate and was not intended to create a scarcity of products on the market, nor was it due to the slow production of the Mi 6.

The source who declined to be named said Xiaomi had sufficient supplies for materials used on the Mi 6, but there were major components that were not supplied in large quantities. Components in question is a glass ceramic material used on the body Mi 6.

According to the source, the glass ceramic material has a high enough resistance. He also said the material was difficult to produce and was expensive enough to make Mi 6 available limited.

Meanwhile, others mention that the reason for the Mi 6 stock is a bit because of the limitations of Snapdragon 835 which is the brain of the smartphone.

To note, Snapdragon 835 is processed with Samsung's 10nm technology. Other facts, Samsung smartphone flagship, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, which uses Snapdragon 835 reportedly also affect the chipset's stock for Mi 6.

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