Review Lenovo Yoga 910: Thin and Powerful

Lenovo Yoga 910
Thin notebooks are now widely available in the market. One of the highlights is the very unique Lenovo Yoga 910. The Lenovo Yoga line itself is a flagship segment for the powerful thin notebook series where the hinges can be rotated 360 degrees. 


Unique Display Design

The screen is owned by Lenovo Yoga 910 is not uncommon. The location of the usual camera on the top of the screen just below the screen so that his chin impressed wide. However, it becomes its own advantages because the screen actually looks frameless because the top and left side of the right is very thin. Not to mention the ability of its touchscreen that supports ten fingers and a screen that resembles a very elegant glass.

The Hinges Are Sturdy and Luxurious

The main attraction when looking at this notebook out of the box is the hinge. At first glance looks very luxurious because there are designs resembling woven cross each other that glistening like watch chain. This makes the Lenovo Yoga 910 to look solid even if it is opened close as often as anything.

Battery Performance is Stunning

Lenovo Yoga 910 battery is very good. As always, this notebook is used just for watching and light work for two hours. As a result the battery is only down from 94 percent to 64 percent.

We also tried to hibernate for one week. It turns out the battery is only down 32 percent from 64 percent to 32 percent. We also tested the battery's durability when used to play The Witcher III. Within ten minutes, the battery was reduced by about 5 percent.

Computing is Powerful

Lenovo Yoga 910 equipped with power-saving Intel Core i7-7200U processor. His brain is integrated with Intel HD Graphics 620, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and high speed PCIe 512 GB SSD.
The combination resulted in a pretty good performance. Counts for only five seconds for initial boot. In addition, the graphics performance is also not disappointing. In playing The Witcher III default settings, it turns out the frame rate is 13-14 fps. The use of daily computing was not disappointing because it is very power efficient.

Maximum Multimedia

As a large sail convertible notebook, Lenovo Yoga 910 is very fun to use multimedia. Play middle-class games or streaming YouTube for example. In addition to the screen of relief, Yoga 910 is also equipped with quality speakers made by JBL. His voice is very impressive.


The Location of The Webcam is Not Unusual

Generally, the location of the webcam is at the top of the screen. On Lenovo Yoga 910, the location of its 720p webcam is at the bottom of the screen. Surely being a little weird for a normal use of a webcam on the upper side should be a bit of getting used to looking down.

Noisy Fan

There is a bit of a nuisance when you start doing quite heavy work using Lenovo Yoga 910. Although the cooling system looks passive (without ventilation holes like regular notebooks), it turns out quite disturbing sounds. More over, this is increasingly felt when you use it in a quiet room.