Samsung Release Galaxy Note 7 Recondition End of the Month?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
A few months ago Samsung has confirmed to release Galaxy Note 7 recondition in the near future in a number of markets. Unfortunately, not yet known which countries will get the phablet that was launched in August 2016.

Citing Ubergizmo's website, according to a report, Galaxy Note 7 reconditioning will be released in a number of countries around the end of this month.

Samsung is also reported to be implementing a security certification for the Galaxy Note 7 reconditioning device to make sure the device is secure, no more explosions like before.

The request for security certification was submitted to Korea's National Radio Research Agency. Not only that, according to reports, Galaxy Note 7 recondition has also received a similar certificate from the US Federal Communications Commission.

Because the process of obtaining the security certificate approval usually takes a month, the possibility of Galaxy Note 7 recondition will be marketed later this month or at least June.

Galaxy Note 7 recondition is reportedly has a smaller battery capacity than the Galaxy Note 7, possibly 3.200mAh. In addition, Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned already running Android 7.0 Nougat.

Not yet known, how much the official price set on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned. But according to other reports, when released in the country of origin later this month, Galaxy Note 7 will be sold 50 percent cheaper than the original price Galaxy Note 7 first. Samsung has not confirmed the price of its certainty. 

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