Samsung to test Otonomos car in South Korea?

Autonomous Driving
In addition to smartphones, companies from South Korea Samsung also worked on a number of household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, to computers. Who would have thought, the new company launched the Galaxy S8 in Indonesia is also interested in developing a car technology without a driver aka otonomos.

Citing Ubergizmo's report, it seems that Samsung has been given the green light to start testing on autonomous vehicles in South Korea.

The report claims South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation has approved a test on Samsung's autonomous car that is currently under development. Even so, Samsung will not work on its own vehicle. Samsung is more interested in developing sensors and computer modules to make a car can go without a driver.

Not only that, Samsung reportedly developed artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and deep learning technology to improve the ability otonomos car, especially related to extreme weather conditions.

In addition to Samsung, so far Apple is also testing autonomos technology in California, USA. Like Samsung, computer and smartphone maker was also reported to develop a series of technologies that support the car running without a driver.

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation from Samsung related autonomos technology allegedly being developed.

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