Secretly, Apple Trials Otonomos Technology on Lexus Cars?

A Lexus RX450h car is seen leaving Apple's testing facility in Silicon Valley. Apple is believed to be conducting trials on cars equipped with autonomous sensors.

Citing a CNET report, the California motor vehicle authority's website, The California Department of Motor Vehicles, shows information Apple has obtained permission to test autonomos vehicles two weeks ago.

Apple is also rumored to have partnered with Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Waymo and Uber car makers who have all been allowed to test in the state of California, USA.

Sources from Bloomberg News saw the Lexus on the Silicon Valley streets. The SUV was seen using a variety of sensors, a 360-degree camera, as well as a 64-channel LiDAR 3D sensor from Velodyne. The sensors are mounted on the roof of the car.

CNET wrote, a series of sensors mounted on the roof of the car looks similar to the autonomos cars developed by other companies. Of course, there are a number of different sensors that Apple developed compared to other autonomous technology pembesut not seen from the Lexus RX's photos.

The photo is believed to be an indicator that proves that Apple began testing the vehicle without a driver. The company also did not explain in detail about the development of Apple Car or CarOS software that its license can be sold to other automotive vehicle pembesut.

Just to note, the previous Lexus RX is also used in testing autonomos technology car division without drivers of Alphabet (Google) Waymo.

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