Sergey Brin, Richest Immigrant in the US

Sergey Brin
As the success of Google, the name of Sergey Brin, as one of its founders, also became the spotlight. Not just Google's business is increasingly enlarged, the flow of money into the 'pockets' Brin was pouring.

Brin founded Google with Larry Page. Both become billionaires as Google's development as the world's largest search engine. Google's success prompted both to form a new parent company called Alphabet by 2015. Brin and Page announced Google and all of its divisions were restructured and under the Alphabet umbrella.

Beyond the Alphabet, Google is a source of Brin's wealth. Based on The World's Billionaires Forbes ranking in 2017, Brin has a net worth of US $ 39.8 billion and occupies the 13th richest person in the world.

The amount of wealth continues to increase, which, when referring to real time net worth Forbes per Monday (1/5/2017), reached US $ 42.8 billion. He is called the richest immigrant in the United States (US) today.

Brin's success came after the long journey of his life, and Google plays an important role in it. He scooped success after establishing Google in the Land of Uncle Sam.

Brin was born on August 21, 1973 in Moscow, Russia. His family immigrated to the US to escape from the Jewish persecution in 1979. As an immigrant, Brin was known to venture to voice his opinion.

Brin some time ago, took part in the demonstration of anti-immigrant policies implemented by Trump. In protest with the demonstrators, he insists that his actions are personal and unrelated to Google or the Alphabet.

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