Smartphone Not Sure Safe from WannaCry, This Explanation

Indonesia and the world were shocked by a cyber-type cyber attack called WannaCry. According to data from European Union police agency Europol some time ago, WannaCry has attacked more than 200 thousand computers in 150 countries.

All files on the victim's computer are encrypted alias locked by the attackers. Then, the hacker requested a US $ 300 ransom in the form of Bitcoin currency to the victim.

So far WansCry's ransomware is just attacking desktop Windows operating system connected to the Internet network. So what about the smartphone with Android OS and IOS?

Pre-sales Specialist Kaspersky Lab Indonesia Jemmy Handinata when found in Jakarta, said WannaCry is currently not infect Android and iOS smartphones. This is because WannaCry exploits a vulnerability vulnerability in Windows.

Therefore, so far smartphone with Android OS and IOS is still safe. Even so, he does not deny that Android and iOS actually also has a security hole that potentially makes cybercrime perpetrators deploy ransomware who hold hostage files belonging to users, then ask for ransom if the data want to return.

"Maybe this time the targeted Windows, but we do not know, in the future who will be targeted by ransomware or other malware," said Jemmy.

He added, so far WannaCry 1.0 only utilize Windows loopholes. "Do not know whether there will be WannaCry 2.0 or other (ransomware) targeting Android or iOS," said Jemmy.

Not to forget, Jemmy also added, currently WannaCry is still developing, but the attack has started to decline. Users of IT devices were encouraged not to be unaware because cyber attacks in the form of ransomware and other malware will continue to increase.

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