South Korea Prepares Special Town for Otonomos Car Trial

One of the obstacles often encountered by autonomous car developers is the permission to conduct public trials. Though this stage is important to train the car can recognize the actual condition of the street.

South Korea as one of the countries that began to notice the development of this technology was already preparing a solution to the problem. The government in the country is reported to be preparing a special field for the pilot process.

Quoted from The Verge, the prepared land reaches 360 thousand square meters or slightly smaller than the Vatican. This place is claimed as the largest trial facility for autonomos cars in the world.

The land, named K-City, is now in a development phase tailored to Korea Transportation Safety Autorithy's intelligent transportation system. The facility will be equipped with bus lines, fast lanes, including parking lots.

Funds prepared for this project are estimated at 11 billion Won. Later this facility will be used companies from South Korea such as SK Telecom, Naver, Samsung, Hyundai, and Kia.

According to reports, the presence of this facility can not be separated from the decision that allows Samsung to conduct public trials otonomos cars in South Korea. But Samsung is reportedly only interested in developing sensor and computer modules for that car.

The company is also said to be developing artificial intelligence to enhance the ability of autonomos cars, especially related to extreme weather conditions.

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