Spam About IMEI Smartphone at WhatsApp Culminating in Pitfalls

Lately there is spam in WhatsApp that discuss about IMEI smartphone number. The contents of such spam seem to provide a way to track smartphone lost or stolen through an IMEI number.

"Every phone has no IMEI namely International Mobile Equipment Identity that can be used to track the whereabouts of your phone anywhere in the world," the contents of the spam message.

But in the end, the spam sender suggests the recipient of the message attach their data, such as full name, address, hp model until personal email. You could say this is a trap aka phishing.

Phishing is an attempt to get financial or personal information from internet users, which usually starts from an email or chat that looks like it came from an original source, especially a financial institution.

"If your phone is stolen, you only need to email 15 digits IMEI No. to along with the data-2 as below," wrote the spammers.

It is certain that the message circulating in WhatsApp is a hoax.

"The hoaxes are careful, they (the spammers), collect public privacy data.The data collected eventually sold to credit card sales, credit without collateral, advertising, and others," said Cyber Security Expert and Cryptography Pratama Persada.

Primary appealed, the public should be careful when submitting personal data to others, especially the unknown.

"Name, address, telephone number, and others should not be handed over to others because it can be misused by irresponsible persons to commit harmful acts," he said.

Moreover, he continued, there is no law on protection of public privacy in Indonesia. Primary reveal, there is no responsibility of government to protect its people from cyber crime world.

"Therefore, we as a society should be able to protect ourselves from the possibility of cyber crime One way is not to share personal information to the public, just share it with people we know and know who will manage our data," he concluded.