Spam in WhatsApp Risk of Exposure of User Personal Data

Users of the WhatsApp messaging app have now reached more than 1.2 billion people worldwide. The massive use of WhatsApp seems to be misused by cyber criminals, one of them by spreading spam messages.

Although the message contains a link with the lure of a gift is definitely a lie, there are still many WhatsApp users who are fooled about this.

According to Cyber Security Expert and Cryptography Pratama Persada, the mode of spam through short messages such as WhatsApp has been around for a long time and the model also varies.

"Some people spread spam chat with the lure of gifts, others put fake sites for phishing purposes, but the core remains the same, that the perpetrators are eyeing economic benefits by tricking their victims," Pratama said.

Pratama mentioned, cyber criminals send convincing messages to the public. Uneducated message recipients are the most vulnerable to this kind of cyber deception. They will be tempted and vulnerable to become victims. Especially if the spam messages contain links or malicious links.

"This link is made to resemble the original, either from the name of the site or how it looks, but it could have been installed on malware, so the user device will be directly infected if it opens the site," Pratama said.

No kidding, the risk incurred when someone clicks the link is quite fatal, ie the user's personal information can be directly exposed. In addition, there are other modes that may be used to deceive the public, for example with a fake account.

"These accounts carry out their action using the social engineering method of communicating with the victim, the user is convinced that he or she has won a certain prize, but the condition is that the user must send some money in advance.This is obviously a mode of fraud," he explained.

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