Stock Supplies Xiaomi Mi 6 Slightly Thin, Thighs Causes

Xiaomi Mi 6 has so many devotees in China. Unfortunately it turns out Xiaomi experiencing lack of stock of Mi 6 because market demand more than unit Mi 6 which produced. However, this deficiency is not as severe as experienced by Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or Mi MIX.

Based on leaks from Xiaomi insiders, the main reason for the stock shortage of Mi 6 is actually not intentional to create scarcity or open due to slow production process. However the components used in the Mi 6 design are too high and the main components are not supplied in large quantities to meet demand.

In other words there is a major component needed in assembling the Mi 6 which is hard to get. The main component that slows production there is a body part made of ceramic glass. You could say the material for the body of Mi 6 is quite expensive and difficult to produce, so the supply of Mi 6 is limited.

While other reasons because the quota of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for Mi 6 has a supply shortage compared to market demand. This processor is the result of cooperation between Qualcomm and Samsung so that the processor supply is preferred for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + which was also very interested in the market.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 6 has a processor, memory, camera module, and other core components reaching a price of 2,499 yuan or about $ 359. In other words, Xiaomi only takes a little profit from the sales of Mi 6.