Tasmanian Police Take Selfie With Drunk Humans So Viral

Tasmanian Police Take Selfie With Drunk Humans So Viral
Recently the virtual world again in splashy with self-image of two police in Tasmania, Australia. This photo became viral after the two policemen managed to deliver a drunk driver to his home.

Reported by CNET, two policemen escorted a man named Reece who was drunk. Upon reaching Reece's bedroom, they photographed a selfie with Reece's background behind her.

In the photo, Reece is in a state of semi-conscious signal "Okay". The next day, he was surprised to find the photo is his cell phone and then upload the photo to Facebook.

"I was checking my cell phone and found the photos of these two people taking selfie photos after driving me home in a drunken state and they're so cool," he said.

The Tasmanian Police Department also re-uploaded photos posted by Reece. In its caption, the Tasmanian Police conveyed a message to the Tasmanian community, if this happened, at least they were accompanied by someone to drive him home.

According to Senior Sergeant for Tasmanian Northern District, Craig Fox, police usually do not do this for people who are drunk. "However, we always ensure safety for anyone who is drunk," he said.

Actually, the two cops had tried to call a taxi. However, since Reece's condition was not possible to go home alone, they eventually drove Reece home to bed.

"They capture the moment with a selfie in which Reece may not remember how he got home," Fox said.

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