Technical Error Make Users Can not Access Facebook 3 Days

An error that occurred on Facebook allegedly has created the account a number of users are locked and can not be used. Some also claim that their accounts are closed by Facebook.

Quoting The Sun, this is believed to occur because of problems related to Facebook security. Users say their Facebook account is blocked after uploading photos of merchandise sold at Gumtree, the Facebook marketplace.

Once the merchandise photo has been uploaded, they are asked to submit a photo of themselves as part of a security effort. Then, users are also notified that the account is locked for 72 hours.

A user named Vicky Blackburn (38) tells the story. Initially he tried to sell some DVDs and products for children in the Facebook marketplace.

Blackburn was surprised to find out his Facebook account suddenly closed some time after advertising his wares.

"I was asked to upload a photo to verify my identity and then there is a notification I will not be able to login up to 72 hours in the future," he said, "my account is disabled for security precautions," Blackburn said.

Unable to open Facebook, this woman also felt isolated from family and friends who used to connect through the social network made by Mark Zuckerberg's.

Not only Facebook, Messenger it can not be used to communicate. "In fact, I use Facebook every day," said Blackburn.

Not only Blackburn, dozens of other users complained of this problem on Twitter with the tag # Facebook72hours.

To overcome this problem, a spokesman for Facebook said the company is now working to address this. "We are trying to solve this problem by detecting errors on Facebook and preventing others from using the marketplace to log into Facebook," an unnamed spokesman said.

It is said, this incident did not occur in bulk, but only a small percentage of Facebook users. Nevertheless, his team is trying to recover Facebook access from affected users.

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