Tempo News Site Hacked, This is the Explanation

Online media site Tempo (Tempo.co) was hacked by unknown people on Wednesday (10/5/2017) night. As a result, internet users for some time can not visit the page of the site.

According to Tempo's explanation on his Facebook page, the hack was done by making every access to the Tempo website's page shifted to another place.

This means that hackers do not break in and access the Tempo database, simply switching the user access point only.

"We are sorry the Tempo.com site is in trouble because our DNS servers in the United States are hacked so that the Tempo.co page is redirected to another place," the official sound of the ketongengan was distributed through Tempo Media's Facebook page on Thursday (5/11/2017) morning.

"Tempo is working on improvements as soon as possible. Tempo.co database itself is safe, "he added.

At 10:34 am this morning, Tempo site has returned to normal. Users who have accessed it again can find various news presentations from Tempo.


Previously, when the Tempo site was inaccessible, a visiting user was directed to another page displaying a photo of Rizeq Syihab with his colleagues in action.

Below the photo is affixed with the words "Free Ahok".

In addition to Tempo, the State Court site (PN) also experienced similar problems.

Users accessing the State PN page are redirected to a page displaying photos of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama and the #RIP Justice In My Country fence.

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