Thanks to Bill Gates, Toilet in India So Sophisticated

Bill Gates
As a philanthropist, Bill Gates strives to make the world prosperous. One way he does is to change the sanitation standard in the world better. And that step has been done in developing countries like India.

Microsoft founder is known to aggressive big project called "Clean India". The goal is to build 75 million clean toilets in the developing world. The project will be completed on October 2, 2019, which will also mark the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth.

According to Business Insider, there are 600,000 of the 1.7 million people who die from bad sanitation, where the highest percentage comes from India. Therefore, according to Gates, the condition makes this country must be supported financially and innovation.

Through the Gates Foundation, he held a competition to engineers to create a 'revolutionary' toilet. To date, there are four toilet designs to be selected by Gates. Later, the selected toilet will get a prize of US $ 3.4 million.

One of the interesting innovations initiated by the participants is RTI's toilet with the name "Integrated Waste Treatment System". One of the sophistication is to spray liquid disinfectant automatically, and recycle used tissue used as a source of energy that turn on the toilet.

This is not the first time Gates innovates in optimizing sanitation standards in the world. Previously, he had developed a 'perfume' with an unusual scent. Yes, artificial perfume scented human feces. Perfume will 'eradicate' the bacteria that are spread to humans.

Gates said he had traveled to various developing countries - including India - and saw how bad the condition of toilets in the cities in the country.

"Unfortunately, many do not use toilets that have been provided because they are so smelly, so residents have to defecate in an undue area, I have to find a solution so that it does not become sustainable," Gates said.

Therefore, Gates decided to make a perfume that also serves as a sanitizer and disinfectant to clean the toilet. In addition, the perfume also gives a special scent so that users no longer smell the original sweet from the toilet.  

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