The First Apple Store in Singapore Soon Opens

Apple Store Singapore
The first Apple Store in Southeast Asia - precisely in Singapore, will be open soon. The development process takes more than a year.

Although the design of the store has not been shown, the barricade that covered the building was already lowered.

In front of the store, there are clearly three big logos, among them Apple, "Love" and "Circle" which comes in red. At the bottom, says Apple Orchard Road. Certainly, this Apple Store will be located in the shopping area Orchard.

Reported by Strait Times, there are 12 additional small logos that will be part of the Red Dot Heroes program. Each icon, reportedly will have a red dot that signifies the representatives of 12 local creative figures of choice Apple.

Apple has not revealed exact schedule when this shop will be opened. According to a source, the store will certainly be operating in the near future, along with the release of the Red Dot Heroes program.

The Singapore Apple Store will be located in the Knightbridge mall section located on 270 Orchard Street. The access is not difficult, it is only a 500 meters walk from Orchard MRT station or Ion mall or just 4 minutes walk from Lucky Plaza.

In addition to its large size, Apple will also employ 900 employees to contact center in this store. It will also be supported by renewable energy sources from sunlight.

Not only Apple Store branch of Lion Country, Apple has also just opened a branch of his shop in Dubai recently.

The difference, the concept of the Apple Store in Dubai have the architecture and facilities of a modern style with the concept of a hotel-style star.  

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