The Wealth of Amazon's Boss Bill Gates?

Jeff Bezos
The title of the richest man in the world today is still firmly held by Bill Gates. However, it is not impossible if Microsoft founder's wealth will be overtaken Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the world's largest e-Commerce, Amazon.

Bezos's assets, recently raced to third. Automatically it also makes him the third wealthiest man in the world.

According to Market Watch via Bloomberg report, the wealth of the man who starred in the movie Star Trek Beyond it had penetrated the figure of US $ 80 billion, before eventually declining to US $ 79.6 billion.

Bill Gates himself, currently has a treasure with a total of US $ 87.2 billion, while the position of the second richest tycoon owner of fashion brand Zara, Amancio Ortega with assets of US $ 80 billion.

Not impossible, the rapid business Amazon also affect the wealth of Bezos directly. That way, it could be the rate of wealth Bezos continues to abound. In fact, financial analysts call the wealth of men born January 12, 1964 ago it could overtake Ortega and Gates.

Since early 2017, Bezos' fortune has grown by US $ 14 billion. His fortune even rose by US $ 10 billion higher than Gates's treasures this year.

Although rich, does not mean Bezos save his property and silenced just like that. The proof, Bezos recently rumored to sell shares in the Amazon.

The proceeds from the $ 1 billion sale will be used to help fund Blue Origin, Bezos' company in space flight.

"My current business model is to sell my Amazon share worth US $ 1 billion per year and I will invest for Blue Origin," Bezos was quoted as saying Fortune.

With Blue Origin, Bezos is likely to compete with Elon Musk who also has an obsession with space flight through SpaceX.

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