This Bag Hangers Can Attack and Track Thieves

Handbag Dyenator
The phenomenon of thief is like "food everyday" in urban areas. The main target target is women who walk alone in a quiet place.

Thief will take the bag, mobile, or wallet by force, so often injure the victim physically. They usually ride a motorcycle at high speed, so it is easy to escape and unidentified.

Aware of this, the Malaysian company named Ash Be Nimble provides a solution via a bag-shaped electronic device called a Handbag Dyenator.

How it works simple, users simply hang Handbag Dyenator in one part of the bag. Previously, the user had to connect the Handbag Dyenator with the phone and install it with the SIM card.

When suspicious that someone is following, users can order Handbag Dyenator to remove red smoke via SMS. That way, thieves would be surprised and expected not to launch the action.

If the thief still picks up the bag, the red smoke will continue to follow and the color is attached to the motor and the thief's clothes. Police or the surrounding community can know the action of the thief and help the victim.

Meanwhile, users can also monitor where the bag is via GPS connected from Handbag Dyenator to the phone. This will also make it easier for police to track jambret.

Not yet clear when Handbag Dyenator will be released commercially to the general public.

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