This Country's Origin Creator Can Project Campaign at Kickstarter


Eight years already Kickstarter comes as a platform for fundraising in realizing an ambitious (and sometimes unrealistic) campaign to bring gadgets, games, and other ideas to life.

Now, according to a post on the official website Kickstarter, quoted from The Verge, this platform will start receiving projects from Japanese creators later this year.

Earlier Japanese citizens were able to contribute in Kickstarter, but could never release their own project campaign. That means, so far there is no project in Kickstarter originating from the country nicknamed 'Asian Tigers' is.

"Actually there are creators from Japan and other countries outside the markets we serve, which have launched projects in Kickstarter, but through collaboration with partners," a Kickstarter spokesman confirmed to The Verge.

The statement means that creators from any country can now partner with a person or organization in one of the twenty-one markets served at Kickstarter.