This Facebook Boss Message After Graduated from Harvard

This Facebook Boss Message After Graduated from Harvard
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not finish his education at Harvard University, but that does not mean he did not get a degree from one of the world's leading universities.

In fact, he now managed to get a doctorate honoris causa from the university he left 12 years ago. On that occasion, he delivered a graduation speech for a freshly graduated Harvard student.

One of Zuckerberg's concerns in the speech is the way the current generation seeks to live a purpose. According to him, the current generation is not enough to have its own goals, but also create goals for others.

"When our parents graduate, the goal may come from work, church, or community," he said as quoted by USA Today.

But today's technological developments, he continues, make a lot of work lost, the number of communities declines, and many people feel disconnected.

Therefore, Zuckerberg encourages the current generation to have entrepreneurial spirit with great ideas and ideas, by opening up opportunities for an entire global society that transcends the boundaries and ideology.

"Entrepreneurial culture can flourish if you try a lot of new ideas, Facebook is not the first thing I build," he said. In addition to Facebook, he also developed games, chat systems, learning tools and music player.

He also did not hesitate to call something wrong in the current system. The current system, according to Zuckerberg, produces inequality.

Priscillia Chan's husband pointed out, he can leave Harvard and make billions of dollars in 10 years, but on the other hand there are still millions of students who can not afford to pay their education installment, let alone make a business.

"Now is the time for our generation to make a contract that allows discussion of ideas such as universal basic income for everyone, so as to create new things," Zuckerberg said.