This Smartwatch Can Spin at the Wrist

Smartwatch Cito
The research team from Dartmouth College, Colorado, United States developed a smartwatch that can move on the wrist of the user.

This device named Cito has the ability to move from spinning, spinning, to standing. Meanwhile, Cito was also developed with a team from the University of Waterloo.

"Users want a smartwatch that fits their lifestyle and needs," said Xing-Dong Yang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth as quoted by Digital Trends.

Dong Yang said that Cito offers a different innovation because it provides selling points for users to buy a smartwatch. When moving, Cito provides updated information to the wearer.

"Consumers are wondering why they buy smartwatch if the device is uncomfortable while in use Cito proves that the smartwatch can be a fun functional device," said Dong Yang.

Currently the research team is still developing the device. They also explore related functions that can be embedded on Cito, such as functions for users with physical limitations.