It's How Intel Launches Thunderbolt 3

It's How Intel Launches Thunderbolt 3
Port Thunderbolt 3 can be said is the future port, with all kinds of advantages compared to ports such as USB. But this port has not been able to beat the popularity of USB.

To increase the number of Thunderbolt 3 port adopters, Intel has its own way. One way is to integrate the support of this port into the processor.

The first Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 chip was released in Q3 2015, but until Kaby Lake processor was released, Alpine Ridge chip is not yet integrated, but will be integrated on next-generation processors.

Another way of Intel is to free the royalty fees for Thunderbolt 3. That way, third-party manufacturers will be able to integrate the chip into its homemade chip.

For example, the AMD system could have been integrated with Thunderbolt 3 with cheaper chip prices, as quoted from Arstechnica.

With so expected to be more and more manufacturers that utilize port Thunderbolt 3 is. Because this port can replace some types of ports that exist today at once, such as data charger port, to transmit data, as well as a port for the monitor.

Alpine Ridge Chip also supports USB 3.1 interface, which has 10 Gbps bandwidth, double the bandwidth of previous generation connections, which only 5 Gbps. 

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