Too Fun Playing Snapchat, Wife Sues Divorced Husband

Fun to play social media is fine. Origin, do not forget the time and even be the case as experienced by this one woman.

Known, a woman from Jordan divorced her husband because of avid play social media, more precisely Snapchat.

Sitting the case began when his wife and husband went to a restaurant located in the city of Amman.

According to information reported by Al Arabiya, because the restaurant is too many customers, they must enter the waiting list list queue and wait for half an hour.

Only when they get a seat, the husband immediately ordered food because of hunger. When the food ordered arrived, without a second thought he immediately dine.

Instead of joining the husband, the wife even prevent it when he wants to eat food that has been served. Seed the wife, he wants to take photos of food and send it to friends via Snapchat.

Cash, the husband was angry and scolded his wife. Emotion mixed with hunger unintentionally make it catapult the word talak. He immediately left the restaurant without paying.

The case of divorce due to social media is not the only time this happens. Previously, the couple from Saudi Arabia also divorced two hours after they were married. The cause is again the result of social media.

The wife was barked by her husband when caught uploading their wedding photos at Snapchat. The husband immediately divorces his wife because they have entered the consent process.

"There is an agreement in which my sister (bride) will not use social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to upload her photos, and she has already signed the deal," said the bride's sister.

"Unfortunately, my brother broke the deal, but this agreement has already entered into a marriage contract," he continued.

Not only in the Middle East, the number of divorce due social media in the United States (US) also increased 80 percent from before.

There, men have the power to be able to divorce a wife in a short time, even without good reason.

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