Udacity and Google Provide Scholarships for 500 Indonesian Developers

Udacity and Google work together to provide scholarships for 500 developers (developers) Android in Indonesia. With this scholarship, selected developers can follow Associate Android Developer Fast Track program.

This program offers a number of materials designed by Google and Udacity to support developers who want to get Google certified.

Developers, through this program, will study topics they must understand to pass the Google Android Developer Associate certification exam.

Certification is proof that they have the capabilities needed to pursue a career in Android development. Participants, after graduating from the program, are expected to have advantages that will help them when looking for work.

One of the new graduates of Udodity Nanod degree Udacity Android program from Indonesia, M. Yusuf Rahman, said that this kind of opportunity can be a very beneficial experience for developers like himself.

"Since graduating from Android Nanodegree, I have become more confident as an Android developer," said Yusuf, in an official statement of Google Indonesia.

He continued, "I started being offered and participated in several projects and can help make people's dreams come true, but the most important thing is that I have to be sure of my own dream and be ready to make it happen."

This scholarship targets those who master a medium-level Java programming language, who wants to have a specialization in the field of Android development. If you are a citizen of Indonesia (WNI), have 1-2 years experience in the field of programming, and want to develop a career, you can apply for this scholarship before closed May 31, 2017.

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