US Government Take Responsibility for Ransomware Case

Microsoft called the United States government is also responsible for the case of WannaCry ransomware that attacks many users around the world.

Microsoft's statement is not without reason given that WannaCry's ransomware is indeed derived from a software vulnerability stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA). Instead of telling Microsoft, the NSA instead "hoards" this information tightly for its own sake, until it is stolen by a cyber group.

Citing a PC World report, Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith in a paper said, "The government should consider the potential damage to civilians derived from this information hoarding."

WannaCry works by exploiting vulnerabilities in some older versions of Windows. It has been suspected some time ago that the malware came from a hacking tool called EternalBlue which was reportedly stolen by the cadre of Shadow Brokers from the NSA and leaked on the internet.


Ransomware WannaCry is called to take advantage of EternalBlue, which can make it easier for users to take control of older Windows devices that have not been updated.

Currently Microsoft has not confirmed whether the WannaCry exploits in the recent attacks, is indeed taken from a series of exploits that were stolen from the NSA or not.

"Up until this weekend's attack, Microsoft refused to formally confirm this, because the US Government refused to confirm or deny that this was their exploitation," said NASA contractor whistleblower Edward Snowden in a tweet.

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