Users Can Now Post Instagram via Browser

Good news for you Instagram users who often upload photos or video. Users of social media sharing photos and videos are no longer need to upload photos through the application.

Because, now users can upload it outside the application via mobile browser version (

As reported by Mashable, utility update is claimed as one of Instagram strategy to capture mobile browser version user. That way, the growth of active users will certainly be more aggressive.

" (which can be accessed from mobile browsers) is an experience using Instagram optimized via smartphones This feature update is especially designed for those who use Instagram, regardless of what device or network they are using," Instagram wrote in an official statement.

In the mobile browser version, Instagram will display a user interface similar to the one in the application version.

Users will be presented feed pages, profiles, search columns, until the browse column. However, there are also some absentee features, such as Instagram Stories and Direct Message (DM) services.

And the most important feature is uploading posts that are present in the camera icon in the middle, where the function is the same as photo and video upload feature in the application version.

Not only in mobile version browser, users can also upload photos to Instagram via desktop browser version.

Previously, Instagram also optimize offline services. This service allows users to access Instagram in offline mode.

The move is exactly the same as that done on Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

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