WannaCry 2.0 Ready for World Terror

WannaCry 2.0
Although a British security researcher managed to overcome the WannaCry attack, the terror of ransomware is in fact not finished. According to recent reports, attackers have prepared WannaCry 2.0 that can not be turned off.

Quoted from Tech Crunch, a number of security analysts have estimated the second stage of attacks. A number of researchers have managed to find a new variant of the malware.

"Two new variants have emerged, the first variant that can be blocked by registering a new domain name while the second variant still works in part, because it only spreads and does not encrypt files because the archives used to perform the encryption are broken," says Matt Suiche, founder of Comae Technologies.

MalwareTech, a figure who managed to overcome WannaCry 1.0, had previously predicted it. According to him, soon after this malware is stopped, the attackers will prepare another version better.


For information, the first version of WannaCry was successfully overcome by a British researcher who used the pseudonym MalwareTech. He revealed the action via Twitter account @ malwaretechblog.

The man who worked for Kryptos Logic, the US security company, tells how to overcome the WannaCry ransomware by registering the domain used to distribute it.

"I found some malware connected to a specific domain, but not registered," he said. Once registered, the domain becomes alive and the spread of malware was stopped.

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